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something survived, all right...

Posted : 16 years ago on 8 January 2007 09:09 (A review of The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

I read the book first, and got excited about the movie coming out. Like most other adaptations, they can't put every single detail into the movie, and the one thing that I really wanted to see was one of those things.

There was a dino that had chameleon genes, so it was able to change color to match the environment (in case you weren't aware). How great would that've been on the big screen? Other than that, it was a pretty good movie with a lot of the same well-developed characters and action that you'd expect from a Crichton/Spielberg movie.

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c'mon michael... do it.

Posted : 16 years ago on 8 January 2007 09:05 (A review of The Lost Boys)

I really like this movie. It's a bit campy in parts, but it's easy to watch, it's quotable, and how can you beat the Corey squared combo? This is one of the movies that I get sucked into (no pun intended) when it's on TV.

If anything, you'll learn that there's too many vampires in that part of California, and that... well, I won't ruin it.

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survive it, anywhere.

Posted : 16 years ago on 6 January 2007 02:21 (A review of Survivorman)

This guy is the real deal, and the show is awesome for it. He lugs the camera equipment with him and is left on his own for seven days (at the most).

Even though he's out there to survive, he still tries to show that there are some things that you could do in a "real" survival situation, but only if it's life or death. It's very informative, and it might just save you someday...

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what do the camera guys do?

Posted : 16 years ago on 6 January 2007 01:53 (A review of Man vs. Wild)

This is a great show, and one of the best survival shows out there. You learn about all of the things to do (and not to do) when you're in the jungle... or the desert... or the arctic... It's amazing to watch him do what he does best. He's amazing at surviving, and it's all about what he knows.

But I wonder about the camera work. He has a crew with him, and I wonder about how they get some of the shots. Still a really good show, and very entertaining.

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not finished yet

Posted : 16 years ago on 5 January 2007 01:10 (A review of Star Wars Bounty Hunter)

I had this, lent it to someone, then never saw it again. I need to get it back, I have to finish the game!

It's good play control, good storyline, good graphics... and you can auto-target two enemies at once (with two laser pistols, of course). How great is that?

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this *is* his show.

Posted : 16 years ago on 5 January 2007 11:16 (A review of The Tom Green Show)

Occasionally funny, but mostly something to fill some time between dinner and dessert (depending on your time zone). It just got old quickly, and you can only take so much of him trying to do a variation of the same thing and have it be funny...

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like the commercial...

Posted : 16 years ago on 5 January 2007 11:12 (A review of MacGyver)

He could make anything out of anything. They even made a credit card commercial out of this amazing ability, and recently too. This was one of the great shows of the mid-80's, and worth seeing what Mac (and the Phoenix foundation) were going to work on next.

Maybe it was fixing a nuclear reactor with chocolate again... or beating Murdock at his own game...

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we all wanted a kitt

Posted : 16 years ago on 5 January 2007 11:09 (A review of Knight Rider)

If you watched this, you know you wished you had a car like KITT. He could do everything, even DRIVE for you! All you had to do was communicate with him through your watch, and he could pick you up... It made for a great show, and you had a hero going from place to place, showing the bad guys that they couldn't push {{fill in the oppressed group}} around.

Watching it now is like traveling back in time, since KITT could process something like 8MB of data a day... I think a calculator can handle that now.

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from my radio... to my video.

Posted : 16 years ago on 4 January 2007 01:39 (A review of Kidd Video (1984- ))

This was one of the best cheesy Saturday morning cartoons out there (from the 80's anyway). It had live action music and dated fashion and "teens" fighting against Master Blaster (an evil tycoon) from another dimension... which happened to be animated.

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next, on house...

Posted : 16 years ago on 4 January 2007 04:30 (A review of House M.D.)

Someone gets sick in a really weird way, and only Dr. House and his team can figure it out.

Maybe that's close to the plot line in a lot of the episodes, but I still get sucked in and watch it. There's more to the show than that too, including his "issue" with pain meds and the relationships he's built and tore down. Great to watch and try to figure out.

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